The Swiss healthcare system is highly acclaimed all over the world. Thanks to public and private investment, employees in this sector are exceptionally well trained and provide an unsurpassed level of innovation and service quality. Thanks to its close ties with the Swiss pharma and biotech industries, the Swiss healthcare system is always at the forefront of medical progress.

Research and development

Many of the doctors employed by Hirslanden are also involved in research and development. Their knowledge of next generation medical applications and biomedical engineering informs and improves our treatment methods. As a result, patients benefit directly from our specialists’ expert knowledge.

So it is not surprising that the Swiss are among the healthiest people worldwide, and are also highly satisfied with their healthcare system. If a person requires medical attention, it can access treatment reliably, efficiently and without any bureaucratic hoops.

Advantages of the Swiss healthcare system

As such, the local healthcare system is a shining example of those classic Swiss attributes: quality, safety, cleanliness and precision.

And within this first-class healthcare system, Hirslanden is the leading private healthcare provider. By choosing Hirslanden, you too can take advantage of all the benefits that have made the Swiss healthcare system so successful.