Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe. It is easy to reach from anywhere in the world and is also renowned for its excellent transport infrastructure. This page provides you with useful information for your journey and visit to Switzerland for medical treatment.

The two largest international airports are located in Zurich and Geneva. Our hospitals can be easily reached by public transport or car from both airports. The local rail network is famous for its exceptional connections, punctuality, cleanliness and high level of comfort. Switzerland’s motorways, dual carriageways and other main roads are in excellent condition.

Hirslanden’s hospitals are situated in attractive locations throughout the country and are easy to reach. You will find an overview of our hospitals here.

Coronavirus: Travelling to Switzerland

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic a number of special conditions are in force for entry into Switzerland. You will find the latest information on the website of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

The Travelcheck allows you to check whether and under what conditions you can enter Switzerland.

We would be happy to advise you as well as apply for official documents on your behalf and organise your entry into Switzerland and treatment here.


Please check in advance whether you require a visa for Switzerland. You will find information on visa requirements in the website of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA).

If you need a visa, Hirslanden International will issue a Medical Visa Invitation after your treatment has been scheduled and payment has been received in full. The invitation confirms that you are planning to have medical treatment at one of our hospitals and includes the designated time period. You can use this document to apply for a visa from your embassy. Please note that visa processing can take several weeks.

Medical certificate of fitness to travel

If you are travelling back to your country of residence shortly after your stay in one of our hospitals, the question may arise about your fitness to travel.

We recommend that you consult your attending doctor before treatment about certification for flight or return travel.

It is helpful to ask your airline or travel operator about their fit-to-fly requirements in order to obtain the according documentation or forms in advance.

Please note that we only offer Fit-to-Fly „F2F“ certification for patients who have been treated by one of our resident physicians.

Travelling while pregnant

If you are planning to fly, you should aim to be in Switzerland by the time you reach the 36th week of pregnancy. For health reasons, some airlines do not allow pregnant women to fly after this time.

Holiday dialysis

If you are visiting Switzerland for a holiday or other reasons, some hospitals offer dialysis facilities for visitors.

Dialysis facilities in Zurich

Hotels and apartments

A wide variety of accommodation to suit your particular need is available in the vicinity of our hospitals. Hirslanden International has partnered with a selection of leading hotels and other accommodation providers in Switzerland. We will gladly help you organise accommodation.

Hotels and apartments close to Clinique La Colline and Clinique des Grangettes, Geneva:

Further information

Airlines and airports

Swiss Airlines: www.swiss.ch
Flughafen Zürich: www.flughafen-zuerich.ch
Flughafen Genf: www.gva.ch

Railways and public transport
SBB: www.sbb.ch