Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe. It is easy to travel to from anywhere in the world and is renowned for its excellent transport infrastructure. International airports are located in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern and Lugano. The Swiss rail network is famous for its exceptional connections, punctuality, cleanliness and high level of comfort. Switzerland’s motorways, dual carriageways and country roads are likewise in excellent condition.

Hirslanden’s hospitals are situated in attractive locations throughout the country. No matter whether you arrive by plane, train or car, a trouble free-journey to your chosen hospital is guaranteed.

Travelling while pregnant
If you are planning to get to Switzerland by plane, you should aim to be in the country by the time you reach the 36th week of pregnancy. For health reasons, some airlines do not allow pregnant women to fly after this time.

Medical certificate for travel suitability
If you decide to fly back to your home country shortly after your treatment with us, or if you are unsure about your ability to fly, we strongly recommend you to speak to your Hirslanden doctor about your travel plans. He or she will then issue a fit-to-fly certificate (F2F) which you can present at the check-in counter, in case you are asked about your health condition or if your ability to fly home is questioned.

Please check in advance whether you require a visa to travel to Switzerland. Information regarding visa requirements is available on the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA website.

If you are required to have a visa, Hirslanden International will issue a Medical Visa Invitation after the treatment has been scheduled and full payment has been received. The invitation confirms that you are planning to have medical treatment at one of our hospitals and includes the designated time period. You can use this document to apply for a visa from your embassy. Please note that at some embassies visa processing can take several weeks.

COVID-19 – International Patients

Due to the developments in connection with the novel coronavirus, it is possible to organise entry and treatment in Switzerland for medical cases. This also includes transport by air. We gladly advise you and evaluate your individual case.

In the meantime, for all other medical concerns, we offer part of our services as telemedicine via Skype consultation or with a medical second opinion (Swiss Second Opinion). Contact your personal case manager now! We are here for you.

Hotels & apartments

Premium Europe
We will gladly help you organise an accommodation. Thanks to our partnership with Premium Europe, we can offer you reduced rates for a variety of hotels and apartments. If you prefer, you can even make an online booking at Premium Europe yourself:

Link: www.mypremiumeurope.com/hirslanden

To contact Premium Europe directly, call +41 44 504 55 55 or write to welcome@mypremiumeurope.com.

Further Information

Airlines/ Airports:
Swiss Airlines: www.swiss.ch
Zurich Airport: www.flughafen-zuerich.ch
Geneva Airport: www.gva.ch
Basel Airport: www.euroairport.com
Bern Airport: www.flughafenbern.ch
Lugano Airport: www.luganoairport.ch