Quality at the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group

The primary goal of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is to generate patient benefits. In order to achieve this goal and consistently increase patient benefits, treatment quality and patient safety have to be guaranteed. Each year, Hirslanden analyses whether this takes place and to what extent as part of comprehensive quality measurements.

Measuring quality

When measuring quality, Hirslanden bases its results on clinical performance indicators that have been developed and improved over many years, together with national and international healthcare guidelines. By using the same surveys, both internal and external benchmarking can be carried out.

Understanding the quality measurements

The results of the quality measurements are analysed and assessed at Hirslanden by different specialist bodies in the field of quality management. These bodies are also responsible for deriving the relevant measures from the results and thus ensuring a continuous process of improvement.

Comparing results

One advantage of making continuous group­wide quality measurements is that comparisons can be made between hospitals and benchmarks derived accordingly. These are always based on the principles of best practice. However, not only the results are compared. The quality management teams at the hospitals are also in constant contact with each other in order to draw up concrete measures and proactively prevent losses in quality.