Quality Report

The quality of its medical services, patient satisfaction and the resulting patient benefit are Hirslanden's top priority. For this reason, the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group has an advanced quality management system and has published an annual quality report since 2010 in which the results of its comprehensive quality measurements are clearly presented. The ongoing collection and publication of this data encourage quality of care and quality competition in and between Swiss hospitals.

With the publication of the official quality report for 2016/17 – which is available this year exclusively as a PDF download on our website – Hirslanden has decided to take a different path. At www.vanessas-diary.ch , the topics of patient safety and patient satisfaction are explained to medical laypersons in an easily understandable way from the point of view of a patient in a blog and interactive short film. Behind the camera for the short film “Vanessa’s diary” was up-and-coming Swiss director Dominik Locher.

Through this change in perspective, we wish to make life at our hospitals more accessible from the point of view of the patient. Quality remains at the forefront, but the issue of quality itself changes once we see things from a different perspective: What does quality management mean for our patients? How does a patient come into contact with topics such as infection monitoring, preventing falls or safe surgery? What do our staff do to make sure patients have the best possible stay at our hospitals?

All of these topics are experienced in person by our fictitious patient Vanessa and explained in an easily understandable way. After all, our patient is not only curious, but also gets to the point in typical journalistic fashion. Vanessa tells her story in an interactive short film and goes into more detail on topics such as preventing falls or safe surgery in her online blog under www.vanessas-diary.ch. Anyone who would still like to see the facts, figures and measurable results from the official quality report can find everything they need in our redesigned quality section or in the downloadable PDF version of the quality report for 2016/17.

We invite you to take a trip with Vanessa to experience the topic of quality management in all its different forms, and hope that your voyage through the world of Hirslanden is an exciting one.

Download Hirslanden Group's official Quality Report 2016/17 with extensive quality data as a PDF. The report includes transparent measurement data on patient satisfaction and safety.

Download the print version of Vanessa's diary as a PDF.