Hirslanden Hospital Group Services for international patients

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is synonymous with quality and excellence. For over 25 years we have enjoyed an outstanding reputation as one of the leading private healthcare providers worldwide. As the largest private hospital group in Europe, we cover a huge variety of specialist disciplines and deliver the highest standards in medicine and care.

For international patients

First-class medical care in Switzerland

Outpatients and inpatients benefit from our high-tech infrastructure and receive treatment in premium facilities with ultra-modern fittings and furnishings. As we know how important a comfortable, calm and carefree environment is for a fast and successful return to health, we take care of all your medical and administrative concerns before, during and after your stay, so that you can concentrate wholly on your recovery. 

Do you have Swiss health insurance? Please visit the Hirslanden website. 

For international patients

Hirslanden International is the single point of contact for:

  • Patients with international health insurance living abroad or in Switzerland
  • Patients living abroad who are seeking treatment at their own expense
  • Patients living abroad whose treatment costs will be covered by a company, organisation or embassy