At Hirslanden, you will always be in the best of hands. The doctors who treat our international patients have many years of experience as senior physicians. Furthermore, they are particularly well qualified to meet the needs of international patients, for instance regarding language, flexibility and intercultural competence. Our pool of specialists also includes surgeons who are authorised to perform highly specialised medical operations.

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Interdisciplinary collaboration

Part of the Hirslanden philosophy is to ensure an ongoing transfer of knowledge and information between doctors. Communication across specialisations is essential, as it enables us to make the most of any advancements in medical treatment. Therefore at Hirslanden, complex cases in oncology, heart surgery and urology can be discussed at interdisciplinary meetings, so-called boards. In such boards we quickly and efficiently bring together various specialists to make crucial decisions regarding the best possible diagnostic and therapeutic approach.

Our flat hierarchies, limited bureaucracy and modern medical technologies provide the affiliated doctors with the ideal conditions for interdisciplinary exchange. And this consequently ensures each of our patients receives excellent individualised treatment and medical service.