Are you unsure about the treatment your doctor has recommended, or are you wondering if a drug or surgery is necessary and advisable? In such cases, a second opinion can ease patient’s doubts and bring confidence and security. An objective assessment of your first diagnosis by another specialist will ensure that you receive the best possible treatment.

A Swiss Second Opinion by a leading specialist of Hirslanden includes:

  • Assessment of specific medical question
  • Review of submitted documents and radiological images
  • Evaluation of diagnosis and treatment options
  • Recommendation for further action

The Hirslanden International Team is happy to advise you personally on a medical second opinion, discuss the selection of the appropriate specialist and accompany you on the way to a medical assessment of your case, based on the latest medical knowledge.


When does a second opinion make sense?

  • When your doctor doesn’t have the required specialist knowledge for your condition.
  • When various doctors have given you different recommendations and you need help making a decision.
  • When you haven’t received a clear diagnosis or therapy recommendation.
  • When your doctor has recommended a major surgery and you want to make sure that it’s the best way to help you.
  • When you feel that your doctor hasn't given enough information about your planned treatment.
  • When the suggested treatment promises no significant improvement to your condition.
  • When you want to find out if there are other treatment options you can pursue.

Our experts will be glad to provide you assistance on this matter.


  • Fast and reliable: You will obtain your medical second opinion within 8 working days
  • Easy to use: The complete process is with telephone support or by e-mail
  • Increased security: Protection from misdiagnosis or unnecessary operations

What your second opinion written dossier contains

You will receive a dossier from us with the following contents:

Your specific enquiry‘Is an operation unavoidable or are there other possible treatments?’
A summary of the medical documentation you have provided, such as reports and x-rays, as well as the accompanying diagnostics.‘The most recent x-ray showed a small tear on the posterior horn of the medial meniscus (inner cartilage disc of the knee joint). The arthritis described in the results is not particularly pronounced.’
The second opinion itself: this is a final assessment of your diagnosis by a specialist, presented in language that a patient can easily understand. It will answer your enquiry, suggest possible alternative treatments, and recommend any further examinations needed to secure the correct diagnosis and treatment.‘There is no need for the suggested operation. I recommend that you begin physiotherapy treatment […]. A number of recent studies have shown that the operation offers no advantages over more moderate therapy. Additionally, taking x-rays while you are standing up would allow us to correctly determine the pressure on the joint.’
And your specialist’s CV, and the profile of the clinic where the patient can seek treatment. 

Data protection

The security of patient's data is of the greatest importance to us. When a patient transmits the needed documents online, they are protected and encrypted using an SSL certificate. However, please note that every online data transfer poses certain risks.

We collect, process and store your data for the purpose of preparing your second opinion. Your data is treated as entirely confidential and in strict compliance with Swiss data protection legislation. With the exception of the people involved in the preparation of your second opinion, we will never pass your data on to a third party.

You can find all further data protection information in the data declaration.

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