As Switzerland's largest group of private hospitals, Hirslanden offers the medical expertise of its doctors in consultations taking place by telephone or video. This allows Hirslanden to offer you certainty, convenience and optimal treatment recommendations wherever you might be – including in your own home.

Do you need a consultation with a specialist? Do you have symptoms and are unsure about a medical diagnosis? Would you like a doctor’s medical advice about a medical problem? We can help you with an online consultation or remote diagnosis. An online consultation gives you fast, easy access to our network of doctors. We would be delighted to advise you concerning the right specialist for an online consultation and support, and organise an appointment regarding your health issues and concerns.


How do online consultations work? 

Step 1: Send us an enquiry using the contact form

You contact us with your medical issue and questions. We would be pleased to tell you what information and documents we need. We will then suggest the expert best suited to deal with your problem. You can learn about the medical background and expertise regarding that specialist via their online CV.

Step 2: Make an appointment

The second step is to fix an appointment with the relevant physician via a telephone or video call. As the basis for this service we recommend a 30-minute consultation, in which we offer advice, discuss your issue and answer your questions on diagnosis, treatment and medication. Based on the medical documentation you provided, your chosen online doctor will be expertly prepared for this appointment and you will receive competent and efficient information regarding your concerns.

Step 3: Meet your online doctor  

The consultation takes place via a video or telephone call on the date you require. Standard transmission technologies are available for this purpose. After the consultation you are set to take further steps for your care, including advice on possible medication.


What benefits do online doctors offer?

An Online doctor offers patients the following benefits:

  • Easy access to a network of experts from the largest group of private hospitals in Switzerland – true convenience from your own home
  • Time saving: Shortly before the consultation the patient uses a secure connection to contact our doctors; so no time spent waiting or travelling
  • The reduction in time resulting for patients allows medical advice to be held at lower cost
  • Patients who are no longer mobile have ready access to the knowledge of Hirslanden's doctors
  • If an expert in a disease or treatment is not available in the patient's home country, the case can be discussed with one of Hirslanden's specialists during a telemedical consultation
  • Patients can be provided with medical advice and support more efficiently and regularly as online consultations are possible without major effort
  • The independence and autonomy of patients is increased by offering extra information and advice on medical issues and their health.

Network of doctors

Hirslanden's network of doctors

Hirslanden has a network of over 2800 doctors in Switzerland who can provide diagnosis and reliable treatment even for complex illnesses. They offer highly specialised medicine at university level.

We have put together for international patients a selection of doctors, whose qualities include many years of experience and highly specialised knowledge about health concerns. They also meet extremely high standards in terms of their language skills and cultural understanding, you are therefore in excellent care. Hirslanden International would be delighted to advise you on selecting a suitable specialist.

Patient satisfaction

How satisfied were our patients in 2019/2020?

12 029 Patients taking part in survey
90.8% Satisfaction rate
92.1% Recommendation rate


How much does a telemedical consultation cost?

We recommend a 30-minute consultation with one of Hirslanden's leading specialists, including preparation for the appointment based on the patient's medical documentation. We recommend that you first check with your healthcare provider if consultations are covered as well.

Cost: CHF 400