Giving birth at Hirslanden

The long wait is over: it’s nearly time to welcome your child into the world. Those nine months of hoping and worrying will soon be rewarded with a beautiful little baby.

Giving birth in Switzerland

If you are planning to get to Switzerland by plane, you should aim to be in the country by the time you reach the 36th week of pregnancy. For health reasons, some airlines do not allow pregnant women to fly after this time. The airline may also require you to provide a medical certificate. Your gynaecologist will gladly help you organise the necessary paperwork.

Please let us know your due date well in advance, so that the necessary check-ups can be arranged with your chosen gynaecologist. The check-ups are usually scheduled every two weeks from the time you arrive in Switzerland until you give birth. Overnight stays at the hospital are not necessary. For your first check-up, we kindly ask you to bring all the medical reports you have received so far during your pregnancy, as well as any other relevant medical documentation.

If you would like to visit your chosen hospital in advance, we will happily organise an introductory meeting including a tour of the hospital. Please contact the Hirslanden International team to arrange an appointment.

Birth Certificate

The hospital administration requires the following documentation for the birth announcement and registry with the local registry office:

  • Binding choice of first name on the birth registration / name card (must be completed in legible writing and signed by both parents)
  • Birth certificates of both parents
  • Confirmation of your legal place of residence
  • Marriage certificate / marriage document, or acknowledgement of paternity (if the parents are not married)
  • Valid passports of both parents

Copies of these documents must be authorised by a notary and must not be older than six months. The documents required may vary depending on the nationalities of the parents. We therefore recommend contacting the relevant registry office for binding advice regarding your specific case. After the birth, the hospital will submit all the necessary documents to the registry office for the registration of your child.  

More information is available from the local registry office:

Now your baby will be registered with the registry office and you will receive an (international) birth

ID Card / Passport

You must present the birth certificate at your country’s embassy to register the birth of your newborn child and apply for an ID card or a passport, so that your child can legally leave Switzerland. For information regarding the necessary documents, please contact your embassy. The registry office will happily help you organise these documents. Please note that the birth registration which the hospital sends to the registry office is intended for internal use only. The hospital and the registry office are not permitted to pass it on to third parties. The birth registration issued by the hospital is not a legally binding document, which is why an official birth certificate is required.

Your journey home

You can return home when you and your baby are both doing well. The date should ideally be discussed with your gynaecologist and the paediatrician. If you have any other questions, such as when your baby is allowed to travel by plane, we recommend talking to your doctor.