The Private Health Center is the centre for preventive medicine and diagnostics for our international patients at Klinik Im Park, situated in a prime location on Lake Zurich in Switzerland.

Every patient is advised and supported in a discreet and confidential environment. Doctors with many years of experience and highly-specialised expertise cooperate across disciplines. A holistic approach, communication and empathy are very important to us. Comprehensive medicine requires time and experience: we always start a tailored programme first with a comprehensive location determination. In cooperation with you, we determine risk constellations and advise you on how to develop a health-oriented lifestyle. We are happy to provide you support and look forward to hearing from you.

Private Health Center
Seestrasse 247 8038 Zurich


Our focus:

  • Customised check-ups for men and women
  • Cardiovascular examinations
  • Preventive cancer screenings
  • Comprehensive laboratory diagnostics
  • Genetic analyses
  • General internal medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Medical Family Office


Customised check-ups for men and women

Customised check-ups for men and women always start with a location determination:

  • Comprehensive interview with our specialists (internal medicine and/or cardiology
  • Thorough physical examination
  • Blood and urine test
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Resting ECG

We take a lot of time for you and listen carefully. Based on what you tell us, your questions and your medical history, we will order additional diagnostic and clarification tests, if needed. You will receive comprehensive advice from us and we will accompany you throughout the entire process. You will return to the Private Health Center for the final meeting.

Second opinions

If you want more clarity and certainty regarding a diagnosis and treatment:

We will gladly grant you quick access to our Hirslanden Group medical experts from the relevant speciality. A group of experts will consult on complex matters, like cancer.


Medical expertise regardless of the geographic distance:

We are happy to provide you access to our Hirslanden network of experts, even if you can’t travel to Zurich. Specific data, like x-ray images, an ECG or laboratory results can be sent and evaluated.

About Hirslanden

The Private Health Center is embedded in the largest medical network in Switzerland: the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group. It offers a range of services covering all types of acute medical care – from prevention, primary care to diagnostics and highly specialised medicine at university level. The top-most priority is always: the benefit to the patient.

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