The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is the largest medical network in Switzerland. It offers a range of services covering all types of acute medical care – from primary care to diagnostics and highly specialised medicine at university level. In Zurich and Geneva, the two largest cities in Switzerland, Hirslanden has teams who are dedicated to meeting the needs of our international patients – Hirslanden International.

We will help you throughout your entire stay, organising additional services such as translators and interpreters, transport, and overnight hotel stays for you and your relatives, and addressing all your administrative questions.

A personal contact from the Hirslanden International team will take care of your needs from the time that you first contact us to arrange an appointment through to the end of your treatment.

Hirslanden International team


Sascha Nicol

Head of Hirslanden International

Adriano Mari

Head of Operations

Zurich Case Management Hub

Marina Corina

Head of Zurich Case Management Hub - Back Office

Biljana Ninkovic

Zurich Hub Case Manager - Back Office

Pinar Yorulmaz

Zurich Hub Case Manager - Back Office

Svetlana Chiriaeva

Zurich Hub Case Manager - Front Office

Elena Vögeli

Zurich Hub Case Manager - Front Office

Geneva Case Management Hub

Isabelle Boissel

Head of Geneva Case Management Hub

Divina del Rio

Geneva Hub Case Manager

Laurence Witzig

Geneva Hub Case Manager

Hirslanden International medical assessors

A realistic treatment plan with good prospects for success from the outset needs a precise definition of the treatment goals and the viable treatment options, and there must be aftercare following hospital discharge. To reach an unbiased conclusion in line with the latest medical science and ethical criteria, Hirslanden International works with renowned specialists in anaesthesia and intensive medicine who serve as medical assessors at its centres in Zurich and Geneva. Prof. Reto Stocker is available to deal with this issue at the Zurich Hub.