The stress in our everyday lives often leaves us short of time to eat a balanced diet and get enough exercise. The Detox programme detoxifies the body and refreshes the mind. The specialists at the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group and the therapists at the Giardino Hotels have a common goal: fortifying the body and generating increased performance capacity.

Medical Care by Hirslanden
  • Interview and consultation with a specialist
  • Blood and urine test
  • Metabolic analysis
  • Bioelectric impedance analysis
  • Measurement of energy consumption
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Analysis of the current body fat percentage, muscle mass and other physical measurements
  • Discussion of results of the medical examination (usually after 5 to 6 days)
  • Final medical report

Impressions of Hirslanden


Services by Giardino Hotels
  • 6 nights at the Hotel Atlantis by Giardino
  • Airport transfer (ZHR) and all the transfers to and from the Hirslanden clinic
  • Basic Ayurvedic programme: daily yoga. meditation and Pranayama (special breathing exercises)
  • Full Ayurvedic board (individual nutrition programme)
  • 3 alkaline baths
  • 6 massage treatments
  • 1 facial treatment
  • 1 private yoga lesson
  • Advice on nutrition and lifestyle

Impressions of the Hotel Atlantis by Giardino