A second opinion from our Hirslanden doctors offers reassurance if you're unsure about artificial insemination treatments, IVF failure or abortions.

Around 70% of all couples can have a biological child with the help of modern reproductive medicine. However, the subject expertise of highly qualified specialists can be crucial for success when choosing the right procedure for artificial insemination, and also when the procedure itself is performed. We are also here to help if you are unsure about your choice of treatment to date.

An application case: When women have still not become pregnant or have only suffered miscarriages after repeated IVF embryo transfer attempts (usually 3 transfers of qualitative high-value embryos), this is known as “unexpected recurrent implantation failure”.

Different factors should then be examined before the actual treatment is carried out. Genetic factors may be involved on the one hand, and anatomic (e.g. uterine polyps, malformations or myomas as well as different forms of endometriosis), immunological factors or other causes on the other. In our centres, a check list with a strict diagnostic/treatment level procedure is used in such cases. Particular focus is placed on ERA, EMMA and ALICE tests which can reveal chronic inflammation of the uterine mucosa or an irregular nidation window.

By conducting an objective assessment, our Hirslanden doctors will show you how to select the correct treatment strategy. We are here to help.