Breast cysts are fluid-filled cavities in the mammary glands which are surrounded by a capsule. They can occur individually or in groups, and are usually harmless.

Breast cysts occur for various reasons. They can be genetic or occur when the glandular ducts in the mammary glands become blocked. They are often discovered in the event of mastopathy. This is a benign change in the mammary glands which occurs after menopause in particular.

Breast cysts are often symptom-free and are frequently discovered by chance during a routine examination. Sometimes cycle-dependent swelling or pain occurs, or there is secretion from the breast. As breast cysts cannot be differentiated from other tumours solely through palpation, every palpable change in the breast should be clarified by a doctor.

An ultrasound examination is generally used for diagnostic purposes, along with the occasional mammography.

The treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms. Breast cysts which are discovered by chance and do not cause any discomfort are not usually treated. Those which do cause discomfort can be drained using a puncture procedure. Surgical removal is sometimes the best choice for cysts which reform time and again.  If a cyst is deemed to be malignant, it will also be removed.

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