Ophthalmological Surgery

Ophthalmic surgery is a specialty within the field of ophthalmology. It involves the detection and surgical or laser treatment of eye and eyesight diseases and injuries. These include cataracts and glaucoma, diseases of the cornea (and also transplants), the removal of tumours and foreign bodies, diseases of the lens, retinal diseases or injuries, lesions of the eye muscles, disorders of the tear ducts, eyelids or eye sockets, and so on. It also includes vision correction surgery (e.g. squints).

Why choose Hirslanden

Ophthalmological surgery is one of the core strengths of the private hospital group Hirslanden. Our opthalmological surgical specialists stand out due to their expertise and years of experience.


As a matter of course, Hirslanden not only provides comfortable premises and a modern infrastructure but also the highest standards in medicine and care.


From the first contact to the coordination of your appointments and to completing your treatment a personal contact from the Hirslanden International team will care for your needs.


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