In the medical field of prevention and public health, skilled and committed specialists work on preserving and improving health among the general population. This also includes social and preventive medicine, cantonal and medical training duties, and work in administrations, businesses and politics to promote and safeguard public health.

Why choose Hirslanden

Prevention and public health is a key specialisation at Hirslanden, the largest private hospital group in Switzerland. Our prevention and public health specialists are renowned for their expertise and many years of experience.

You can expect comfortable rooms and a modern infrastructure as well as the highest standards in medicine and care.

We will help you throughout your entire stay, organising additional services such as translators and interpreters, transport, and overnight hotel stays for you and your relatives, and addressing all your administrative questions.

A personal contact from the Hirslanden International team will take care of your needs from the time that you first contact us to arrange an appointment through to the end of your treatment.

Contact us – we are happy to help you!